Who Are You and Why This Family?

In 2014, I really started making some progress on my genealogy research to the point where I wanted to find anything beyond online records. I was interested in any pictures or grave locations that I could find.

On the internet, there’s a website called findagrave.com. This is similar to Facebook or other social media site in a sense that family plots and grave sites can have their own profile with a profile owner as someone who contributes and shares information.

Ancestry.com can often go through this database and give you a hint that someone you’re looking for might be connected to a certain findagrave.com profile.

After finding many people on my tree that had hits on findagrave.com, I noticed that there was one person who managed these same names on this website. While many people were missing headstone images, they did have brief descriptions of who they were and when they died.

Conveniently, all of these people were located in the same cemetery but that’s a blog for another day.

Finally, I clicked on this person’s name to see who they were. This person’s profile said that they had been doing genealogy research since the 1970’s and was primarily interested in Weckesser’s, Bucher’s and Wenz’s. While I had seen the Bucher name in passing, I hadn’t made any connections that I was related to them.

So I emailed them. Basically, who are you and why these families?

This person, who is actually a she, knew exactly who I was.

Apparently I had emailed her back in 2002 asking the same thing. Sadly, I don’t remember this as graduating college took up 99% of my time but I believed her.

Weckesser’s, Wenz’s and Bucher’s are related as a Wenz married a Weckesser (one of my sets of great grandparents) and a Wenz married a Bucher. She happens to be my 4th cousin 2x removed through the Bucher side. She explained the math, it’s complicated.

I had dinner with her that August and she showed me some things that she had gathered on a few Weckesser’s that are living but admitted that this family connection being so far back, isn’t a great focus for her. Over time I’ve been able to fill some gaps for her which includes providing her with an image of every Weckesser headstone in Calvary Cemetery. This again, is another post for another day.

Over the past couple of years, she has been a great mentor and is very helpful when I need clarification on things I still find confusing.

Things like this remind me that the dumbest questions are the ones you never ask.