What Pets are in your Family?

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, it’s estimated that almost 70% of US households have a family pet.

If you’re an animal lover, you might consider your pets to be family. You give them cute names and even call them your ‘fur babies’.

Pets come in a wide variety of types and breeds. You can go for the common cat, dog or a hamster. You can even go more creative or exotic with a snake, turtle, hedgehog, bird, fish, chinchilla, etc.

Benefits of Having a Family Pet

There are many benefits to owning a pet including those that are good for mental and physical health. Check out these reasons it’s good to have a family pet.

  1. Teaches kids responsibility
  2. Pets can promote exercise
  3. Companionship
  4. Meet other people and be social with other pet owners
  5. Reduce stress

Famous Pets

Famous people and celebrities have pets too! Check out some of these famous family pets.

  1. It’s believed that Queen Elizabeth has owned more than 30 Welsh Corgis during her reign. This specific dog breed has been favored by the British Royal Family for more than seventy years.
  2. Michael Jackson had a variety of exotic animals at his ranch. His family pets included a chimp named Bubbles, a giraffe and many others.
  3. Taylor Swift loves cats.
  4. Amanda Seyfried has a large Australian Shepard named Finn.

Presidential Animals Throughout History

  1. George Washington had Polly the parrot.
  2. John Quincy Adams had an alligator.
  3. Abraham Lincoln owned a pet turkey called Jack along with goats named Nanny and Nanko.
  4. William Taft had a pet named Pauline Wayne which was a cow.
  5. Bill Clinton and his family had Socks the cat.

If you are interested in getting a new pet or fur baby, there are many pets available for adoption at your local animal shelter. Petfinder.com is a network of animal shelters nationwide that can help you find the perfect pet.

Whatever pets you have or may have had in the past, take their pictures, share them with the family, keep these memories. These pets are an important piece of your future generations knowing who you were.

What kind of pets do you have? Do you consider your pets as members of your family? Tell us about your fur babies in the comments!