Transferring Old Family Films to DVD

It’s always fun and exciting to find things you didn’t know you were even looking for. Cleaning out old homes or helping a family member, you could come across anything from a roll of film stored in a tin can that plays on a projector (that might not even have sound) or maybe old VHS tapes? Items with faded labels, or names of ancestors written on them? Things you never knew existed?

Do you have the equipment to see what was recorded on these films?

With the age of modern technology, we can easily capture an endless amount of videos on digital devices such as digital cameras (still and video) mobile phones or tablet devices. But what can you do to preserve, restore and of course share, old films, and videos?

Last year, we explored and for the preservation and digitization of old photos. Did you know they can also digitize videos and film?

These companies understand the need to save and preserve these old films and video tapes because once they are lost or destroyed with time, they cannot be replaced. They provide you with a personalized professional service of digitizing and preserving your treasured videos and films to save forever and share quickly and easily with your relatives.

While I do not personally endorse either of these two services, we also understand the importance of preservation and sharing of old films.

About Fotobridge, founded in 2007, offers a trustworthy personal service of taking your family treasures of old film and videos and creating digital memories that can be shared for years to come.They take pride in their quality services by using the latest scanning technology to help you save such priceless and irreplaceable family memories. Starting out in co-founder Adam Boeselager’s college dorm room, LegacyBox is the largest direct-to-consumer brand in this industry.Legacybox makes preserving your recorded moments fun, safe and easy.

Everything is included with Legacybox — crush-proof box, bar coding so you always know where your recorded moments are, pre-paid return shipping, the digitization service, DVDs and much more.

Cost Pricing for video tape conversion starts at $129.95.
Pricing for movie film starts at $69.95.
 $74.95 to $999.95 depending on the number of items.
  1. Creates a digital backup of old videos and film that may be getting damaged with age.
  2. Digital files can be copied and shared with family members.
  3. Free return shipping.
  4. 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Items are kept on file for 60 days for quality assurance.
  1. Simple and easy way to digitally preserve old media.
  2. Creates a digital backup of old documents that may be
    getting damaged with age.
  3. Easily copied and shared with friends and family.
  4. Because life’s too short to forget!
How long does it take? From the time that your videos and film are received and depending on the quantity, it may take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to have your materials returned. Customer service is available to track your order. Standard processing time once a Legacybox arrives at our facility is 4-5 weeks. They will send you email updates about the status of your order throughout the process since they know these items are precious to you!You can also track your order throughout the whole process at
Does the company have any copyrights to my property?  No  No
Will my items ever be used publicly?  No  No
How does it work? Once you select your pricing package with specifications for Intelligent Digital Finishing and digital file delivery, you will send in your movie films or video tapes to their facility located in New Jersey (not outsourced overseas).Once your items are processed, they will be returned to you postage-paid by the service you prefer along with your digital files.

There are many online guides to help you through the process as well as a dedicated customer service team.

Once you place an order, your crush-proof Legacybox will be shipped directly to your home. Inside will be a welcome guide, prepaid return shipping label and individual bar codes for each item.Bar code each item that you wish to digitize, pack back up your Legacybox and use the pre-paid mailing label to send it back to their facilities in Tennessee.

In a few weeks, you’ll receive your memories back on DVDs and an optional thumb drive, plus your originals, ready to share and enjoy!

What do I get in return?
  1. All of your original items
  2. Archival DVDs or thumb (USB) drive
  1. All of your original items
  2. Archival DVDs or thumb (USB) drive
  3. Legacybox for long term storage of original items

So see what kind of old films and videos you have and check out what these companies can do to help you preserve and save them for years to come. You might “meet” an ancestor hiding in one!

Have you ever used a film or video tape digitizing service? Tell us about it in the comments!