These Family History Preservation Authors Knew What the Deal Was

Yesterday as I was browsing at a local antique store, I came across a book published in 1993 by authors Bob Greene and D. J. Fulford.

This book, titled “To Our Children’s Children”, is a nice complement to our blog on Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

While to some of us, 1993 wasn’t that long ago but it was 25 years ago. 1993 was before the internet really kicked into high gear and before genealogy and telling the family story went digital.

As the authors ask in the final chapter, “If you could leave one note, what would it say?”

Just as Have the Talk of a Lifetime and FAMIC encourages the conversations of family members to tell the story and even has a deck of cards to push these efforts, this book is chaptered by various categories. Reading through the book, the questions can be considered deep and challenging. When I say challenging, it makes me think wow, okay yeah that situation I experienced could be something to tell future generations.

Categories include; 

  • The House of Your Growing Up
  • Childhood/neighborhood
  • Food
  • Military Career
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Careers
  • Many more….

The chapters are written as somewhat of a log book/activity for questions you can answer yourself with suggestions on how to document them to pass down to your children, or, as the title states, your children’s children. Journals, scribbles, scrap paper, etc. However, today, we know we could just sit down at a computer and just type type type….

The focus of the book is to get you thinking about your life by providing encouragement that your story isn’t boring along with ways you can organize the different events and aspects of your life to create the story to pass down to future generations.

Written in 1993, Does this Book Apply to 2018?


Everyone has a childhood; everyone goes to school, has friends/family and can relate to many of the topics covered in the chapters. Everyone has a story. Technology hasn’t changed that.

Where Can You Find this Book?

This book can be found and purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.