The Sewing Machine Adventure Part 2

It’s here!  It’s finally here!

Built by the White Sewing Machine Company. Serial Number FR248434 manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909.

The sewing machine arrived on July 27th in the same condition that it was in when I picked it up.  Kudos to the shipper for taking extremely good care of the machine on its trip.

Now that I’ve had more than five minutes to look over it, I realized that one side of it took a really good hit at some point and someone had actually tried to do some repair work. The treadle was even welded back together before I left Ohio.  From comparing it with other 1909 models, it’s also missing a front wood piece.  I assume it’s long gone.

So the past couple of weeks were spent in the garage sanding, gluing, staining and just about everything else I never learned because I never took shop class in high school.

Tim had to cut me a little track for a drawer and there may or may not be a nail sticking out of the side because I couldn’t nail it in.

All in all the machine is in pretty good condition given its age and what I was given to work with. While it may not have much collector value because of what was missing and all the repair work, it’s special to me because of where it came from and it’s a nice symbol of a lot of research, teamwork and dedication.