Telling Stories Through the Coin Collecting Hobby

Money, we use it every day to purchase items or services that we need or want.

Can money, a physical coin, tell a story? Sure! Why not? 

coin collectingMoney as currency has been around since the beginning of civilization where it held a specific value that could be traded for goods or services.

Currency is decorated with symbols or portraits of important people of its specific civilization which can make them quite unique and attractive for collectors.

Coins that Tell and Make Stories

Unique Coins  

A family could make a game out of these unique coins by trying to collect one of each design.

state coinFor example, they have a coin for each state or national park that they have visited. Or, a long-term goal of visiting each state and collecting each coin along the way. With their book of memories, a coin can be used as a trinket to further memorialize the family trips and time spent together.

Fun Fact: Special books are available for purchase from many sites that have holders for coins. These books are specially designed to protect the coins and give more details about the background of the coin. Check out for all your coin collecting needs.

Coin Collecting as a Family Activity and Ultimately a Memory

It’s in a grandparent’s job description to spoil their grandchildren. One way that they might do this is by giving a child money, maybe even a special coin or bill that is rare or uncommon from the normal set of coins such as a $2 bill, a fifty cent or dollar coin. They might be given on a special holiday or as a treat.

The idea is to save this for later as a collectible item with the story/memory of how the child received such a special item. If the coin is really rare, it can be an investment into the child’s future.

Coin Collecting as a Hobby

Coin collections are also often put into a person’s last will and testament as there are people who have made coin collecting a life-long hobby. They may have some really cool (and valuable) stuff.

Who gets ‘s grandpa coin collection? Well, it’s up to grandpa but it may be the person who spent time with him and even helped him with the collection.

Fun Fact: coins with minor manufacturing defects can be worth a lot of money to collectors. Check out this list of defective coins that can be worth money that you might have in your coin jar.