Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day

The United States has a lot of holidays. We have holidays to remember and holidays to celebrate. Some of the things we celebrate are pretty common….some aren’t. Today (November 5) happens to be one of those uncommon celebrations…. red hair! Let’s learn more about red hair to properly celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day.

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Genealogy Poetry of Life, Love and Art

Poetry is a form of literature that gives emotion and the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive styles and rhythms. Think of it as the art of making words into a beautiful painting for the ears. Poetry can tell short little stories, provide inspiration, give solace in a time of grief and even provide humor….

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8 Old Phrases You Don’t Often Hear

In July 2017, I published the blog “23 Skidoo!” Wait. What? What Did They Say?” as an introduction to some old-timey phrases we don’t hear that often. Here’s another fun blog that visits some more old-timey words and phrases that you might be heard in older movies or your grandparents might have said at some point.

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Finding Humor in Genealogy Comics

genealogy comedy

Comic strips are a quick comedy relief found in the newspapers, online and other media sources. The Sunday paper was known to have a special expanded section for “The Funnies”. Often they’re just made up, just for fun snippets of the author’s imagination. Sometimes they are humorous reflections of a real-life situation. We all need comedy in our lives…

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Family-Owned Businesses are What Make America

Did you know that there are many family-owned businesses in the United States? Some that are even older than the United States? There are hundreds and thousands of family-owned businesses of all sizes all over the United States. Many started by immigrants who had the simple dream of building a better life for themselves. Check out just a few of this historical family-owned businesses!

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Heraldry: The Coat of Arms

heraldry coat of arms

Coats of Arms have been around for centuries and are very interesting and sometimes elaborate pieces of artwork that represent the individuality of many things. A coat of arms is a heraldic visual design, logo or emblem on a shield that celebrates the name and honor of a person, family or country. They come with a sense of wealth, royalty, prestige and…

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