Summer Vacation is Family Time

Summer vacation is here! The kids are out of school. It’s time to take off and enjoy the great weather along with everything the summer season has to offer.

What can you do to spend time with your family over summer vacation? Check out this list of activities that you can do with your family this summer.

  1. Camping
    Check out your local state park or recreational area. If you have the time and resources, load up the camper, head out to one of the national parks and go camping. If a real camping trip isn’t an option, set up camp in the backyard. You can make it just as enjoyable in the backyard with a tent and small firepit (if allowed). There are so many memories that can be made on a family camping trip. Start planning with these great tips.
  1. Road Trip
    Where do you want to go? The United States highway system makes it easy to just hop on an interstate and just drive to a new destination. Pass through towns and cities of many sizes and stop in and learn about local history and see what kind of tourist attractions they have to offer. Check out this website that can help you plan an awesome family road trip.
  1. Drive-in Theatre
    While drive-in theaters are becoming a thing of the past, if you still have one in your area, take the family to go see a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own vehicle.
  1. Amusement Parks
    Do you like rollercoasters, waterslides or other thrill seeking type rides….or just enjoy watching everyone else enjoy them? Go to an amusement park where they have everything for all members of your family. Good food, great little shows, make it a day or a weekend adventure. Check out this list of amusement parks around the United States.
  1. Zoos and Aquariums
    Get outside, get some exercise, learn about exotic animals and marine life. A zoo or aquarium is a great place to spend the day and learning about all the animals and fish you won’t see hanging around in your backyard or local lake.
  1. Museums
    So maybe your family is more of the indoor type. As it gets hotter, you may want to get out of the house but you still need something to do that is air conditioned. Go to a museum. Art, science or a themed museum for a specific time or place in history. Check out this list of museums for some ideas of a place to visit.
  1. Sports
    Summer is a prime time for many sports. Running, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, etc. Do your kids play a sport? Do they enjoy watching sports? Even if a particular sport isn’t currently open, maybe you can find an exhibition game. Maybe there’s a special camp your children can attend to improve their skills for the upcoming season?
  1. Swimming, Fishing, Boating
    No better way to cool off when those temperatures become unbearable than to hop in the pool, lake, pond, ocean….whatever the family prefers. So many days of the summer to go lay around in the water and making memories. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!!
  1. Volunteer Service Projects
    Volunteering as a family is a wholesome and rewarding activity. You would be helping others while spending quality time together as a family and maybe even learning a new skill or trade. Check out organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Americorps to learn about volunteer projects you can do as a family.
  1. Carnivals, Music Festivals and Concerts
    So many outdoor festivals often have a band or DJ playing or hosting a specific event. Bands of many genres tour during the summer season. What kind of music does your family listen to? Is there a family favorite? Do you follow bands as they tour through your area? Make it a road trip weekend and go see some great live music!

No matter what your plans are for spending time with the family, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The time spent making memories is more important. Remember to take lots of videos and pictures to save for years to come and even show your grandchildren and future generations.

How are you spending your summer vacation with the family? Tell us about it in the comments!