Roots Gifts: Get a Hug From Your Ancestors

I recently saw an interesting sponsored post on Facebook that was advertising genealogy quilts. Interested to see what this was about, I clicked on the post to learn more. 

The sponsored post was from a company called Roots Gifts. This is a newly founded company was established in 2017 and is located in Lehi, Utah.

I reached out to the owner, Brent Jacobsen, who explained that his mother has always been an avid quilter and his grandma has always been pretty heavily involved in family history, so both of those hobbies have kind of surrounded his entire life.

About two years ago, Brent completed a project for a software/technology consulting for an online quilt design company by helping them figure out a new process for creating quilts using digital fabric printing.

Digital printing opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, and one day Brent realized that family history fan charts could be made into quilts.

That company offered the fan chart quilts for a short period of time as one of the thousands of different quilt designs, but they recently went out of business. With that, Brent felt strongly that there was just more that could be done with the fan chart quilt, so Roots Gifts was founded to offer the fan chart quilt and other fan chart and family history products.

Roots Gifts 2-0024Within a few days of starting Roots Gifts, they received over a dozen family history quilts orders which keep coming in at a steady pace.

Some of the names on the charts are always interesting to see such as the different ethnicities that someone can have and some of the funny ways of spelling different names. With every chart, Brent is reminded of just how many people it took to allow each one of us to even be able to exist – and that’s from looking mostly at seven generation charts! The eight, nine and ten generation charts have SO many names on them!

That being said, Brent thinks the most interesting chart he has seen recently struck him because he could tell it was very meaningful. A lady had ordered six quilts for her adult children. He could see from the charts that her husband had recently passed. He didn’t have to have a conversation with her to know that she wasn’t just ordering a quilt to keep her kids warm, but a way for her children to stay close to their dad and the ancestors that went before him.

Quality Control Considerations

Roots Gifts explains that they actually have to limit production on occasion with the quilts because even though the top fabric layer of the quilt is digitally printed, the rest of the quilt is made the traditional way by one of their skilled quilters. It’s a pretty involved manufacturing process that takes multiple days to complete. Since they strive to produce what they call an “heirloom” quality quilt that can be treasured for generations, availability is limited a bit to allow their quilters time to produce the best quilt they can.

How It Works

Roots Gifts currently offers a fan chart quilt created with your own uploaded family tree information to FamilySearch. Instructions are simple.

  1. Login or create an account on FamilySearch.orgRoots Gifts 2-0010
  2. Fill in your family tree as much as possible
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click the Options button
  5. Click the Print button
  6. Save the PDF
  7. Upload the PDF file to the Roots Gifts ordering form.

The finished quilt size is 50″ x 77″ and is made of 100% cotton with a super soft minky backside filled with warm batting.

Future Products

Roots Gifts knows that not everyone is looking for an heirloom quality quilt, so they recently introduced a super soft “Sherp fleece”  that can be ordered in multiple colors with the fan chart from FamilySearch. This blanket is a great option that is super soft, cuddly, warm, and costs about ¼ the price of the quilts. The blankets can also be shipped to customers in about 5-7 days versus the 10-14 days that the quilts require to print, assemble, quilt and ship.

Roots Gifts has a few ideas for future products.

  • T-shirt design for family history buffs with more designs coming
  • Wall-hanging options within the next couple of weeks for those that want to display their ancestry on their wall.

Probably the thing Roots Gifts is the most excited about are the new fan chart designs that should be added very shortly. These will have multiple color palette options, multiple generations, and even some fun kid-focused designs.

All of the new designs will be available on quilts, blankets, the wall hangings, and any other product options they add.

Holiday Ordering Schedule

With the holidays coming up, I asked if there are special dates to remember if you are considering ordering any quilts and need them by a specific date.

Roots Gifts recommends ordering quilts as soon as possible. Because they have limited availability, there’s not a specific cutoff date, but for best chances, orders should be placed before December 1st.

For most other items, December 10th would be the cutoff to guarantee you’ll have it before Christmas. (Procrastinators may be able to push to December 15th if they’re willing to pay for expedited shipping but without a guarantee).