Rewarding Genealogy: Rewarding Genealogists for What They Do

Sometimes there’s more of the reward to helping people in just the satisfaction that you’re making someone’s life better than there is than the money behind it. Sure money is important but it’s not always everything.

Rewarding Genealogy is a company that was established in 2005 and was founded by Terry Kohler to do just that.

There are many ways that Rewarding Genealogy helps people prepare for the future as well as explore their past

  1. Provide a path for those who could benefit from financial help with genealogy research
  2. Providing a connection to a legal service for those who need to create their final will
  3. Connect people with other people and organizations designed to help them with their genealogy research and various legal needs.

Where Can I Turn for Help?

Rewarding Genealogy works like an affiliate program, paid for referrals who participate, to connect people such as college students, Veterans, senior citizens and others that may be in need of assistance for finding the resources necessary to conduct research or participate in any genealogical event.

Give Back and Help Others

Terry tells the story of how he worked with a Veteran in Utah who the VA claims as 100% disabled from his time in the service. This individual is somewhat mobile and, as a matter of fact, saved his wife from their house fire 2-3 years ago.

The wife did a lot of family research over the years which was lost in the house fire. She then passed away in 2016.

Rewarding Genealogy was able to help the family afford the cost of continuing and replacing the lost research from service referrals the Veteran provided. He was also able to take a long-wanted trip to Italy to see his side of the family (distant cousins).

Connections to Legal Services

During the past half century where could can a person turn for completing their Last Wills and Testaments and other legal help?

It’s a statistic that almost 7 out of 10 people have not prepared a Will for themselves for when they die?

What happens when someone dies without a Will? Often times, probate court & attorneys use up any inheritance, property and estate items and will divide a family over who gets what. Having your Will in can prevent or lessen these types of divides in the family.

Also, as a genealogist, don’t we often try to find the final Wills and Testaments of our ancestors? How successful have you been for finding these? Make it easy on your descendants and give them this treasure to find.


LegalShield is a service that gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any trivial or traumatic matter without worrying about high hourly costs. For one flat monthly fee ($27-$40 per month) you can access legal advice from a nationwide network of law firms, no matter the issue at hand.


IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators that makes it their mission to do a complete restoration of all areas of your identity in the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen. Covers the entire* family for a flat monthly fee of $19.95 or individual for $9.95.

Will the real grandpa Kohler please stand up?

Identity theft is a common and growing problem with today’s modern technology as opposed to times of our grandparents and before when everything was on paper and you couldn’t have your credit card hacked remotely from across the country, or even the world.

While we come across people in our genealogy research who have the same name as the ancestors we are looking for, it can often be easily explained and sorted out.

What happens when generations after us do genealogy research and they can’t tell who their real grandfather was? The paper trail and records might match the person they are looking for but there’s no way that they may have conducted certain legal and financial activities. What kind of mess is this to leave them to sort out?

Debt Collections from Beyond the Grave

A 70-year-old woman working at a tour company office out west had a horrible experience in that her husband’s information was stolen by identity thieves. They used his information to buy automobile tires in his name. Threatening debt collection letters began showing up at her home demanding payment. Problem is, he had passed away about a decade prior.

She had forgotten that she had IDShield & LegalShield through her employer as an employee benefit. She called them for help and they directed her to the world’s leading risk management firm and their licensed investigators who got the identity theft situation handled quickly and then turned it over to her law firm to handle the legal side of the issue. Problem solved.

Connecting People

Being a Veteran, he loves connecting to the Veteran world.

As one of his tools for helping others, he recently partnered with FOREVER. FOREVER is a service that guarantees your storage of creative products and media conversion. This can relate to genealogy in preserving your media files. FOREVER was also founded by a Veteran.

About Terry Kohler

Terry is a Vetreprenuer (Veteran + Entrepreneur) and genealogist who started with a mind for business in the 7th grade when he started buying 10₵ blow pop suckers on the way to school and then reselling them for 25₵ to his classmates.

He started his own genealogy research during Webelo’s and for a Boy Scout genealogy merit badge. He really got into it around 1979 after he conducted an audio-recorded interview with his grandmother.

Today, he works with many organizations and affiliate programs to “pay it forward” and help others to afford and learn about their family history.

Have you ever been working on genealogy research and hit the brick wall or couldn’t find the means to continue research? Help is out there.