Remembering the History of Salem, Massachusetts and the Famous Witches this Halloween Season

One of the oldest towns of the United States is Salem, Massachusetts, established in 1626 and located just outside Boston. Salem is a quiet little town but full of history that brings in tourists and visitors every year. Let’s learn about Salem and their witch history.

The Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trails occurred between February 1692 and May 1693. It started when a group of girls accused women of afflicting them with various ailments of pain and sickness. As time went on, over 200 people were accused of witchcraft with 19 people found guilty and put to death.

Eventually, the witch trials ended as it was discovered that the original accusations were hoaxes and the whole situation turned into mass hysteria when certain events couldn’t be explained. Most of the witches that were executed have since been pardoned

The Associated Daughters of Early American Witches

Are you a descendant of the Salem witches? It’s completely possible and like the DAR, SAR, Mayflower Society and other lineage societies with specific purposes of celebrating history, there is a society for those who descend from the Salem Witches.

This society is called the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches.

To become a member, you must prove your lineage and apply for membership. More information can be found on their website.

Famous Descendants of the Salem Witches

Famous people have ancestors too! Check out this list of famous people who descend from the Salem Witches.

  • Walt Disney–Founder of the Disney Company
  • Clara Barton–American Red Cross Founder
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson–Poet
  • Tom Felton–Actor
  • Scott Foley–Actor*
  • Alexander McQueen–Fashion designer
  • Sarah Jessica Parker–Actress*
  • Jean Smart–Actress*
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge–Future King of Great Britain

Fun Fact: Check out the Who Do You Think You Are tv series for episodes that focus specifically on Sarah Jessica Parker, Scott Foley and Jean Smart.

U.S. Presidents

  1. James Garfield
  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. Calvin Coolidge
  4. Chester Arthur
  5. William Taft
  6. Gerald Ford
  7. Richard Nixon
  8. George H.W. Bush
  9. George W. Bush

Salem Today

Salem is still a quiet little town outside of Boston that brings in tourists and visitors every year. It’s a beautiful place to visit, explore and learn about its history. In October, they celebrate and remember their witchy past and the lessons learned from those times with festivals and walking tours of the historical areas.

Today, there is a memorial where people can pay their respects to those who fell victim to the witch trials. The memorial is located next to the Burying Point Cemetery as a garden memorial with names.

Have you been to Salem? What was your experience? Tell us about your visit in the comments!