Never Have My Ancestors Ever….. Part 2

Earlier, we posted a blog about a twist to the party game “Never Have I ever“. In this blog, we listed some things that our ancestors never experienced in their lifetime either due to lack of technology or other circumstances.

Let’s put another twist on this game and list some things that “Never Have We Ever” experienced things that our ancestors experienced during their lifetime that is now obsolete or uncommon in our modern times.

Never Have We Ever…

1. Hunt, forage and grow our own food. This includes the preparation of prepare simple staple items. Today, we hunt, fish and garden as a hobby, not a way of life. Also, butter.  Think about butter. Butter is a staple item used in many foods for flavor but people used to spend hours churning this stuff. Today, we buy it by the bucket already prepared and ready to use.

2. Never have we ever ridden in a horse and carriage or used a car that required a hand crank to start as a normal method of transportation.

3. Had to worry about polio, smallpox, bubonic plague or tuberculosis. These illnesses either no longer exist or can be controlled with vaccines or medical treatment.

4. Camping. Back in the day, camping out under the stars may have been everyday life for our ancestors as they may not have had stable housing because of immigration or other reasons. Today, we camp out for fun, adventure and spending time with our families.

5. Did laundry on a washboard. Sure we may still hand wash some articles of clothing but washing machines and dryers are affordable and way more efficient.

6. Dealt with prohibition. There was a time in the United States were alcohol was illegal. This was called the Prohibition era and it lasted from 1920-1933.

7. Not been able vote. It may not seem THAT long ago but it wasn’t until 1920 when woman were granted the right to vote. This victory for the women’s suffrage movement finally allowed every citizen of the United States the ability to vote.

8. Had blocks of ice delivered to our homes. With advancements in technology, we can make ice easily in our home using our refrigerator. Technology is so great that we don’t even need to remember to fill up an ice tray as some refrigerators have an automatic ice maker. Back in the day, farmers would deliver frozen ice to homes and businesses.

9. Lived without indoor plumbing. With the exception of camping or other events, we’re used to living with indoor plumbing. Our water comes out of a faucet, we have toilets that flush and showers are a common thing. Our ancestors may have had to bring water in from a well for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

10. Prepare food for longterm storage. Again, with the technology advancement of refrigeration, we can store food longer and safer than our ancestors. We don’t have to smoke, cure or use salt solutions to prepare meats and other food for long-term storage. We can stick it in a deep freezer or use canning methods that are much safer and effective than old-timey ways.

Think about it as you read some of these “Never have we ever” activities that we may take for granted. Can you imagine “camping” as a forced way of life? Can you imagine not being able to have an alcoholic beverage after a long day at work or just out with friends having a good time? Toast with no butter or butter you spend hours churning?