Merge Your Family Tree

In this previous blog, I discussed why you may want to split your family tree and the steps to do it. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Now, how do you merge multiple trees that you may own and manage? This is a common question we get from our users.

Reasons you may want to merge family trees

  1. To create one large tree to share with family and other connections
  2. When using an online family tree printing service, you may want one unified tree for all information that you have to be included
  3. Combine two lines that you may have been working on with someone else

No matter the reason, it’s a personal choice and preference on how to why you would merge your tree.

How to Merge Your Family Tree

If you use almost any of the online family tree websites, you’ll notice options for easily merging duplicated people in a family tree. This is a pretty straightforward task. You see the duplicated people to be merged, the website gives you a side by side comparison and you can choose what data to keep and merge and what data can be trashed.

However, merging an entire family tree with another is more complicated, if it’s even possible.

Family tree and genealogy websites would most likely agree that users want their tree to be clean and accurate. A big risk with merging trees on any platform is creating duplicate people, facts, records, etc. With this, there’s a lot of considerations and planning to prevent the unwanted from happening.

Platforms where merging trees is not an available feature.

  1. – This article provides more details on merging trees along with helpful alternatives.
  2. – This article provides information on how to merge people and other useful tools

Platforms where you can merge trees.

  1. – This is actually done through the desktop software program. They do provide warnings for creating duplicate people and records.

Have you merged your family tree? Is this something you need in your research? What suggestions do you have for a family tree merge tool?