Let the Music Play! Music Bringing Families Together

There are a variety of activities that families can do together; one unique way is to play in a family band.

Here’s a family band that rocks out and plays sold out local venues and events. 

The Pennise Family Band consists of five family members.

  1. Tom Pennise (father)–bass
  2. Elaine Pennise (mother)–lead vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboard
  3. Jennifer Pennise (daughter)–vocals, guitars and keys
  4. Tommy Pennise (son)–lead guitar, vocals and sax
  5. James Bowman (family friend)–drums

Their Story

Tom was originally in a band with his friend when the friend showed up with his sister, Elaine, who wanted to sing a song. Hesitant, Tom let her sing the song. Elaine had an amazing voice and began to sing with the band. Tom and Elaine began dating and eventually got married.

Their band days were put on hold as they had their two children; Jennifer and Tommy. It was around age five that they realized the kids had natural musical talents and when Jennifer and Tommy were interested in playing in a band is when they started playing as a family.

The family’s first public show together was a quick 30-min Memorial Day concert at the kids’ school. The students and faculty rushed the stage over how great they were. It was this day in 2013 that the band was officially established.

Jennifer writes her own music. “It can be considered a mixture of Taylor Swift meets Matchbox 20,” says Tom.

When they aren’t making music, Tom is a custom cabinet maker and Elaine is a front desk coordinator at an oral surgeon office.

Tommy and Jennifer participate in the jazz and orchestra programs at their school.

Where Do They Play?

The Pennise Family Band plays in a general 100-mile radius of their hometown of Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Hatfield Pennsylvania is about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia.

They’ve played at the Wells Fargo Arena where they’ve entertained Flyers hockey fans. They’ve opened up for great musical acts such as Garth Brooks and Neil Diamond.

They also play smaller local shows at family-friendly venues and events such as First Fridays, various car shows, Pennridge Gallery of the Arts charity event and concerts in the park that are held during the summer months.

Musical Influences

The Pennise Family Band plays a variety of classic rock songs such as Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Pat Benatar, Journey, The Pretenders, Van Halen and many others.  They also incorporate songs written by Jennifer into their shows.

Family and Ancestor Musical Influences

Elaine was originally more musical than Tom. Elaine had uncles that were pianist and violinists. These ancestors actually played in the restaurant that was previously located at the top of the World Trade Center.

Contact Information

Are you interested in seeing a Pennise Family Band live? Check out their website for information on upcoming shows in their area. You can even email them for more information or if you have questions about booking them for your next event.