Legacy Tree Genealogists

Sometimes we all need a little help with our genealogy research. You might hit a brick wall with records not available online, a language you don’t understand, need access to geographic areas you can’t visit, or records are hiding in places you never thought to look.

That’s when Legacy Tree Genealogists can help.

Legacy Tree Genealogists is a professional genealogy research organization located in Utah with a client base that spans the globe that represents 15 countries and covers 20 languages.

Project Highlights

Every person has their own goals in mind for what they are looking for in their family’s history or genealogy research. Some people might just want a simple report of their family history and others might have more unique goals which require more in-depth research. A person may not know where to start or may need a researcher who has access to certain records.

Digging Deep and Building Relationships

A while back, Legacy Tree Genealogists was involved in a southern Polish project where the client hoped to prepare for a visit to her unknown relatives which were descendants of her great-grandfather. The project manager worked with an onsite researcher in the area who was persistent in his research, calling in favors from friends in civil registration offices, waiting patiently (so as not to bug them into causing “voluntary delays”), tracking the moves of descendants and then driving to their homes in Rybnik and Warsaw to interview them. He prepared them for the possibility of a visit from the client and convinced them to share their contact information with her. The client was so pleased with the results that she able to immediately began to plan her visit.

Attacking Brick Walls

Occasionally, they have that client where literally every record has been destroyed. However, there are always multiple ways to attack a genealogy brick wall. There are social and historical records that can be used as well as other methods that can help piece together an individual’s history. It is very rare that NOTHING can be done to extend a client’s family history.

For example, Legacy Tree Genealogists worked on long and difficult Greek research project. At the time, it seemed that there were no records available to extend the family line beyond the great-grandfather which the client already knew about. Their onsite Greek researcher was persistent by using Google and Facebook to locate an elderly descendant who still lives in the ancestral town.

After much waiting, they found out that he was unable to help extend the line, but he did receive information about two brothers of the great-grandfather. The researcher applied for their family information records which listed their wives and children. The project manager shared this information with the client and encouraged her to continue to research these descendants.

Several months later, the client called our project manager and told her that she had found some public records on Ancestry that indicated that several of the descendants had immigrated to Chicago. The client asked our project manager to assist in tracking down current contact information and they worked on it together.

Just a few weeks ago, the client called again, very excited, to inform the project manager that she had found the right phone number and gotten in touch with these long-lost cousins who had returned to Greece after living in Chicago. They were glad to learn about her and they are planning to call her when they visit Chicago again in a few weeks. They also have information on the family that they will be sharing with her.

Other Typical Projects

  • Adoptees looking for biological family members
  • Lawyers who need assistance with probate research to settle an estate
  • Clients who are applying for membership to heritage societies (DAR, SAR) and require proof of lineage, etc.

Using DNA Results

Legacy Tree Genealogists uses complete traditional genealogy research in conjunction with DNA research, utilizing genetic inheritance patterns for the different types of DNA to better estimate the relationship between multiple related individuals.

Based on the mtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroups they don’t share and their possible relationships based on the autosomal DNA they do share. Doing this eliminates certain possibilities from consideration. They utilize cM probabilities published by the Shared cM project, the Graham Coop blogAncestryDNA matching white papers and ISOGG. They explore the possible relationships of individuals within the context of genealogical records, ages of the matches, and possible equivalent relationships. Frequently they can identify relationship groups among an individual’s genetic matches based on shared segments of DNA or shared relationships.

Genetic cousins can also be identified based on their relationships to each other in genetic networks. Occasionally, they will perform additional analysis on mtDNA test results and Y-DNA test results for specific cases. Much of the DNA research they perform is in addition to research in traditional records and compiled records to rapidly extend client family trees to locate ancestral candidates.

Legacy Tree Genealogists vs Other Research Companies

You may see many companies that offer genealogy research. Are they reputable? What do you get? How much do they cost? What kind of research guarantee do you get with these other services?

Here’s how they compare;

  1. Highest Client Ratings – Legacy Tree Genealogists are the highest client-rated genealogy research firm in the world, with public reviews on the Better Business BureauGoogle+Facebook, and more.
  2. Truly Customized Projects – Every project is tailored to the client’s specific research goals, which are clearly identified and agreed upon before research begins, ensuring expectations are always met.
  3. Rigorous Quality Control – Each project undergoes a stringent review process and is meticulously checked for accuracy and quality in research and presentation.
  4. Credentials – Researchers are handpicked, tested and trained to ensure they meet our unwavering commitment to quality. Their researchers possess four-year degrees in Family History and Genealogy, accreditations, or decades of experience, and share a passion for genealogy research.

How much does Legacy Tree Genealogists charge for their services?

Hourly research rate ranges from $85 – $100/hr. This is dependent upon the time increments purchased.

Project Turnaround Time

Most projects are completed in 12 weeks without sacrificing their commitment to providing exceptional research. Competitors average 4-5 months turnaround time.

About Legacy Tree Genealogists

Legacy Tree Genealogists was established in 2004 by Jessica Taylor. Jessica is a 2003 BYU graduate who took a leap of faith and turned her passion for genealogy research into a thriving business that helps people learn about their family history.

12 years later, Legacy Tree Genealogists has 20 onsite researchers worldwide. Some of their researchers have even worked on the reality TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?”.