Legacy Tale: One Year Later

We first introduced you to Legacy Tale in this blog posted last year on March 8, 2016.

In that blog, Legacy Tale was introduced as service for families wanting to preserve their family legacy by providing a fantastic product and service for organizing, preserving and sharing family photos, stories and memories.

One year later, we met up with Legacy Tale at RootsTech and got some interesting updates that we want to pass on to you.

What’s New Since 2016

Legacy Tale is always expanding on the products and services they offer to clients and customers.

  • Live Workshops
  • E-books and online tools for DIYers

Live workshops are something that Legacy Tale is now offering to the public at various locations around the United States. Their first live workshop will be a mother/daughter/sister weekend April 28-29th in St. George Utah. Learn more about this fantastic event here.

Legacy Tale Project Spotlights

When asked what is some of the more interesting or inspiration projects Legacy Tale has completed, there are two stories that stand out.

Hindsight is Every Thing

One client that Legacy Tale worked with was a woman who was encouraged to write her story by her daughter. This woman had what someone might consider a hard life that included many challenges.

“The truth should be told but we should not emphasize the negative.”

Her story was easy to write and she had a very compelling story. She had family that loved her and even throughout her hard times, she kept a positive outlook on life. Through everything, she was able to forgive.

Tips for writing about tough times are highlighted in the blog “How do I deal with “sensitive” information in my life?”

The More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same

Another client was a woman who kept a journal of her life for over 60 years. She decided that she wanted to publish her journals and pass the stories down to her family.

While editing and compiling her journals into the final book, there appeared to be a six-year gap of missing details. Hilarie, the owner of Legacy Tale, talked through these missing years with her to fill in the gaps. These years included the birth of a child and memories of some various hard times.

It was later discovered that when her granddaughter was reading her published story, she realized that she was going through something in her life that her grandmother had also gone through. While times may have changed, situations in life may not. Reading about her grandmother’s experience gave her perspective on how to get through her situation by helping her relate. This also resulted in her becoming closer to her grandmother.

Legacy Tale Products and Services

Project completion times for custom books with Legacy Tale can vary. It all depends on how much information you have and the goal of your project. Projects typically range 3-18 months and the cost can range from $2,399 to $9,000.

Do It Yourself Self-Paced Courses

Legacy Tale offers a variety of self-paced online courses, eBooks and recorded webinars to help people who want to publish their own family story. Legacy Tale has clients worldwide that use these Do It Yourself tools.


About Legacy Tale

Established in 2014, Legacy Tale is owned and operated by Hilarie and Ben Robison of Las Vegas, Nevada. Together, they use their passion for storytelling and technology to help clients document their family story to pass on to future generations.