L2 Scrollio Research Kit, Retractable and Editable Scrolling Family Tree and Research Kit

With today’s technology, genealogists and family historians are presented with a multitude of online tools for creating a family tree, fan chart or other graphics that represents a persons’ tree or family line.

Often, these tools aren’t flexible to provide creativity or customization that a person might need for whatever reason. Or, a person wants a non-technical option that allows for complete freedom of creativity and flexibility.

So, here’s the story behind the L2Scrollio Research Kit.

The L2Scrollio Research Kit is a product of Entrepreneur and genealogy researcher, Lori Lee Sauber.

She has invented and developed this product as a way to see the family tree as a big picture.

Lori Lee has found it frustrating at times to use software applications with the limitation of seeing only 4 or 5 generations at a time on a computer monitor. Printing a wide-format paper poster version made it feel like she needed to be more complete with her research before she pulled that trigger. She always felt there are always more questions that need to be answered first.

Once printed, it would only stay nice until she started putting pencil to paper to add new information (sound familiar to anyone?).

It was when she was on her hands and knees taping sheets of paper together, once again, when she decided it was time to invent a better way.

No more printing and taping and paper waste each time she found new details. No more playing jigsaw puzzle with about 20 pieces of paper laid out on the floor. What she needed was something to help her visualize her family in a holistic manner that would retain its beauty throughout the research and editing process. Lori realized that there is a whole community of researchers just like her waiting for a creative, innovative solution to emerge. Lori Lee likes to create with her hands, focusing on textile technology most of her professional life. After many, many hours of trial and error, she finally created the L2Scrollio to solve a whole list of problems shared with her genealogical research community.

“Do what you love today so it becomes the air you breathe tomorrow.”

Lori Lee learned that a project like this consumes everything a person knows. And it did. She learned that she loves working ridiculously hard when she has a dream in mind.

During the creation of L2Scrollio, she’s learned many things.

  • How to build a website
  • Managing the trademark process
  • Calculating business taxes
  • How to basically launch a new product and business

What is the L2Scrollio Research Kit?

The L2Scrollio Research Kit is a great tool to start charting and documenting your family history. This canvas-style family tree saves paper by using materials that are erasable and reusable as a person’s research progresses. It also allows a person to be creative by allowing them to format and structure their tree and data the way they want/need it to be.

There are currently four pre-printed L2Scrollio designs to choose from: DAR-Worksheet-Web

  1. 8-Generation Family Tree
  2. Family Research Project Planner
  3. Pedigree Charts (4 color charts)
  4. DAR Prospective Member Worksheet

Customers can also work directly with Lori Lee to create a CUSTOM digital print.

The Research Kit includes; L2 Scrollio

  • The L2Scrollio of your choice
  • Care and Handling Instructions
  • Blue and Black Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens
  • Test fabric swatch, to test any markers not included with the kit
  • Hangtag, every scroll must have one!
  • Custom Travel Bag

How Does It Work?

Once you purchase and receive your L2Scrollio Research Kit, it’s fun and easy to get started and watch your work progress.

Step 1: Write what you believe using the Blue Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen. When you find a source document, simply erase the Blue ink with the eraser.
Step 2: Write the facts in the Black Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen. You have now created a simple, visual index of the records you have in your archives versus those you have yet to find.

Make a mistake? Don’t worry! The ink quickly disappears with the heat from friction or clothing iron.

Your family will love inheriting this Big Picture of all that hard work! For family fun, think of all the Blue details as challenges for a Family Treasure Hunt Game.

Producing the L2Scrollio

Lori Lee says that product development process was a whole lot of fun.

She was able to spend hours testing fabrics, markers, and various prototype rollers. Sourcing production quantities for various components that fit within the costing model was relatively tricky, though. As it stands today, 90% of the process is handwork done by her, with a little bit of help from her husband along the way.

She is the chief officer of operations, design, and production that has curated an assembly of 39 components into every L2Scrollio Research Kit. This is truly a labor of love for a 21st Century Renaissance Woman!

Lori Lee’s Advice to Others Who Have a Product or Service for the Genealogy Community

“Which type of genealogist do you want to serve?”

Lori Lee’s advice to others involves getting to know your customer market in a meaningful way. Genealogists are not one-size-fits-all kind of people. Some people are highly trained, methodical, scholarly even. Some are passionate new enthusiasts who just inherited boxes of great stuff, thus becoming their family’s designated but untrained genealogist. The biggest disparity she has found was between software-users and paper-keepers.

Feedback from Others

Lori Lee has received great feedback for the L2 Scrollio. Here’s what people are saying, including Steve, Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch who she had the unique opportunity to give him a true elevator speech on the fly.

“Let me get this straight. You’ve taken one of the most ancient forms of written communication, a scroll, and applied 21st-century technology to recreate it for modern genealogy? This I have to see!”paraphrasing Steve Rockwood, CEO FamilySearch.

“Excellent, what a creative way to apply technology to the field of genealogical study.” – RootsTech 2018 attendees


Future Products

Lori Lee is working on new template designs that are on the virtual drafting table right now. These are the result of really great customer suggestions that surfaced during RootsTech 2018. Lori Lee says to stay tuned as she’s exploring additional size dimensions and colors.

How to purchase

To purchase your own L2Scrollio Research Kit retractable and editable scrolling family tree, visit Lori Lee’s store on Etsy.


About Lori Lee Sauber Lori Lee Sauber

Lori Lee Sauber is the owner and founder of L² Innovations. She is the inventor of the L2Scrollio™ Research Kits for Genealogists.

Her education includes a Certificate in Genealogy and Family History, University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education

She is a member of many historical and genealogical societies.

  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, Peter Puget Chapter
  • Seattle Genealogical Society

Lori has over 15 years in lineage research and collaboration with a passion to share with others.

She also is a Lecturer, Textile Technology – Career professional in fibers arts and textiles with a heavy teaching focus on Retail Apparel topics.

Lori Lee picked up where her mother and my Great Uncle Ralph had left off about 20 years ago.

Lori Lee’s mother started her organized research shortly after “Roots” was on TV and a craze hit America. Lori Lee, herself, was interested but focused on school so they just shared stories at that time.