The International Olympic Family

As the entire world is currently immersed in the 2018 Winter Olympics, let’s take a second to think about the family aspect of this great event that brings people and families.

The Olympics is an amazing event that captures the attention of the entire world in a unified, positive experience where all the problems in the world seemingly disappear.

For the Olympic Player’s Family

Being the family of an Olympic athlete, the commitment is just as strong. Everything leading up to the actual Olympics is just as exciting for the family.

As we watch, we are told stories of the Olympic athlete and the sacrifices they, along with their family have made, to get them to the games.

  • The long training hours
  • Long commutes to training facilities and competitions
  • An inevitable injury or illness
  • Multiple jobs to pay for training. The list of sacrifices goes on.

It’s truly a family affair to provide an athlete the best of everything to get them to compete on the international level.

Multiple athletes in your family?

Check out a few of these Olympic athletes, past and present, that created memories at the Olympics.

  1. Three generations of the Keller family – field hockey in 1936, 1972, 2004 and the 2008 Olympics
  2. Brother and sister team Alex and Maia Shibutani – Ice Dancing
  3. Sisters Marissa and Hannah Brandt – Ice Hockey (for two separate countries)
  4. Twin sisters Julia and Stefanie Marty – Ice Hockey
  5. Grandfather Jack Shea and grandson Jimmy Shea – Speedskating and skeleton

Fun Fact: Norway holds the record for the most medals ever won at the Winter Olympics

For the Family that Watches the Olympics

No matter the time zone of the live events, television and the internet allows everyone all over the world to watch the events at their convenience…. usually in the evenings or streaming (yay DVR’s!).

Watching the Olympics is a great reason to spend in front of the television with the family. Luckily, they do switch between various events so you can get a variety of everything going on.

Maybe watching the Olympics will spark an interest in trying a new sport? Inspire an upcoming athlete to create their own dream? They have to start somewhere!

Maybe the family just enjoys watching the amazing opening and closing events? That’s fine too!

What is your family’s favorite Olympic event to watch? Do you have an aspiring athlete? Any special Olympic traditions or history in your family? Tell us about it in the comments?