I Am My Work, Not My Resume

Working on a special project through Facebook this morning, I came across this quote “You are not your resume, you are your work.” – Seth Godin.

I’m not overly familiar with Seth Godin so I did some Googling and was impressed by his professional career as a bestselling author and marketing professional.

What does this quote mean to me? Well, everything. I have a resume and it is formatted and structured like every other resume. It has a summary, skill set, a brief highlight of various projects I either managed or was involved with, education and work history. What it doesn’t tell you is what was involved in those projects or clear definitions of what they were. For example, it’s really hard to describe to you what a 10,000 sensor selection software tool is and how it was developed. The only way you’d know about them is at the interview and you either ask me to explain or I volunteer that information.

You’d think with an extensive work history with reputable companies, a college education with continuing education courses and certifications and a list of projects that could be explained, I’d be able to easily find a job and recruiters would be breaking down my door to put me in a position.

No. No, they aren’t. I submit my resumes that are massaged for each position I apply for and if I’m lucky, I get an interview.

The end result is the standard form letter of “we’re sorry….bla bla bla, someone with more skills in line with what we are looking for is accepting the position”. I’ve decided that I’m either asking for too much money, I could very well be under-qualified for the position, I’m overqualified as I have no problem taking a demotion if the company is something I want to get into, or someone is bringing in someone they know even if that means someone else has to lose their job.

I am who I am. I do what I do and I don’t/won’t/can’t play the political games. Give me a project, you won’t be disappointed. I am my work, not my resume.

So I’ll just continue on with freelance work for both my marketing specialist skills or genealogy until that great opportunity presents itself and someone sees me for my work and not my resume.