Holiday Cookies and Treats for the Whole Family

A major part of holiday celebrations includes numerous candies, cookies and other festive food that you can cook and prepare for your friends, family and even coworkers.

Check out some common tasty treats that you can make at home this holiday season.

Sugar Cookies are probably one of the easiest cookies to make. Not only are they tasty, the dough can be cut into various festive shapes with ease with a plastic cookie cutter safe for little hands. Decorate them with frosting and sprinkles for an extra special kick!
Snicker Doodles is a cookie treat developed by the Germans. It’s similar to a sugar cookie but with butter and rolled in a combination of cinnamon and sugar.
Legend has it that peppermint candies were developed as a way to keep German children quiet during holiday events. With the wonderful taste of peppermint and the typically hard nature of the candy, it’s a long-lasting treat that’s not that hard to make with patience and the attention to recipe details.
Ginger Snaps, a baked cookie described as a thin brittle cookie flavored with ginger. This tasty little treat is easy to make and is a traditional favorite.
Ginger Bread is another easy to make cookie that can be cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters or even make them into a little model house with gumdrop accents and frosted trim.
Rice Chrispy Treats. While this is a year-round favorite, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to dress up a rice crispy square up with sprinkles and even shape them into little Christmas Trees or ornaments.

These recipes and many more holiday treats that you can make and enjoy with your family can be found on these great websites.

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What are some of your favorite holiday treats? Tell us about them in the comments!