Makes Research and Sharing Easy

Assuming you do genealogy research, you probably use more than one resource to find information on your ancestors.

Do you use the popular genealogy websites to conduct research? Did you know that some of these websites have an agreement with a website that pulls in all your hints and possible matches in one place?

Check this out!

What is

Founded and developed by Dallan Quass with Heather Henderson as Marketing Director, is a website for bringing your genealogy hints to you in one centralized location. officially launched at RootsTech 2017 and was a semi-finalist in the Innovator Showdown.

How It Works

The website works by having partnerships and API integrations with other websites which allows for them to pull hints from websites such as,, and

Users need to have accounts on and as well as a paid subscription to pull records from

When a user uploads their Gedcom file or synchronizes their family tree from, RootsFinder will pull in hints from these various websites for various profiles.

Like other websites that provide hints, you’ll have the chance to review these hints and accept or ignore them before they are attached as records.

The idea is that RootsFinder is a centralized location for your family tree and the hints from the various research sites will come to you. It saves you research time by not having to go from site to site looking for records.

Users can sign up for RootsFinder.comfor free. Upgraded subscription options are available that provide features such as making your tree private, turning off ads and increased storage space.

RootsFinder Web Clipper

RootsFinder Web Clipper is an app extension for Chrome Web browsers.

You can find and install the app in the Chrome Web Store by using this link.

This app works as a quick and easy tool to save and attach data to people in your family tree from resources that you find on various genealogy research sites such as

It will parse information from a record such as a census and give you information that can be attached to each person included in the record.

Example Data:

  1. Names of those on the record
  2. Date of births
  3. Location
  4. Age
  5. Citation of record

*Information that isn’t included in the record can be manually entered and saved to profile.

Watch this webinar for how to install and use this application.

What’s next for

The goal for is to link people with genealogy experiences on other websites. To do that, they will continue integrating and creating partnerships with other genealogy websites to bring and share with you such features as…

  • Wall Charts
  • Timelines
  • Additional hint resources
  • Online Family Community

By the end of 2017, their goal is to have 10 integrations in place for their users.

About Dallan Quass

Dallan has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University and is the former CTO of

While he doesn’t do his own genealogy research, he is no stranger to the genealogy world. His parents have been involved in genealogy research for over 50 years. As he’s worked on projects for Genealogy Gophers, he saw the need to have a resource that brings all the hints from all the online resources into one place which gave him the idea to develop