Family Tree Magazine

Diane Haddad, the editor of Family Tree Magazine, discusses with us Family Tree Magazine and how it is a valuable resource for genealogists at any experience level.

Family Tree Magazine is a subscription-based magazine that covers an endless amount of genealogy topics. It’s available in print and online format with almost 70,000 subscribers.

The magazine was founded in 2000 around the same time that Ellis Island and came online and is published seven times a year with dedicated issues for the months of September and December.

Popular Subjects that Family Tree Magazine Covers

  1. Every year, Family Tree Magazine publishes a “101 Best Genealogy Websites” article in the September Issue. This is popular among the readers as well as the staff as genealogy is exploding with new websites and tools to help everyone discover their family history.
  2. The magazine published an article that discussed how to search through German Church records. This was such an exciting piece as it even encouraged Diane to research these records for her own family history. As the most common ethnic background for Americans, German-related articles relate to many readers’ research.
  3. Each issue carries an article related to researching a particular heritage or ethnic group, whether Irish, English, Latino, African-American, Jewish, etc. etc. Many people think of their family research in terms of where their ancestors were from, and these articles appeal to our desire to discover where we came from.
  4. The State Research Guides series, which is being updated to run in each issue, help family historians focus on researching ancestors’ places in local resources.
  5. Genetic genealogy is a new, quickly changing area that researchers are eager to learn about.

What Do You Say to Your Readers?

Family Tree Magazine knows that their readers identify themselves at various levels of expertise in their genealogy research and they speak to each level respectively.




Even as an advanced researcher, you might come across an area of research that’s new to you.For example, genetic genealogy is that area for a lot of people.

Let Family Tree Magazine be a source of guidance. We’re also a place to go for information on new research resources, online tools, and databases.

It’s often necessary to go beyond traditional online or local resources for information. Don’t stop working because you hit a brick wall.The information is out there, you may just have to look in an unconventional place.  Anyone can do genealogy and it’s ok if they don’t know everything.

What’s in Store for Family Tree Magazine in 2017?

  1. Family Tree Magazine will be enhancing and improving its online presence with additions to their online repository of learning materials such as books and self-paced courses through their Family Tree University.
  2. With DNA testing becoming more popular, Family Tree Magazine will continue DNA research coverage to help readers understand and learn more from their results.
  3. Updating state research guides is extremely important as more and more records are becoming indexed and available online.
  4. Irish and Italian ancestor spotlights relate to forthcoming books from Family Tree Books. These are two common heritage groups and both are very proud of their roots. We’re excited to respond to this need for genealogy information.
  5. Maps are another area of intense interest for genealogists. They’re not just pretty to look at, but they’re also helpful research tools. One article I’m especially looking forward to will help you combine historical maps and records to pinpoint ancestral locations.

Will Family Tree Magazine be at RootsTech 2017?

Family Tree Magazine will be located in booth 1136 at RootsTech 2017 that will be held February 8-11. They will participate in educational activities scheduled with Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems.

Family Tree University

Each year, Family Tree Magazine hosts a three-day virtual conference that covers numerous genealogy topics.

Enrollment into this virtual conference offers you access to over 15 video classes, presentations, live chats and the ability to download content to watch and read at your convenience.

This year’s virtual conference will be held March 3-5, 2017. You can visit the conference website for registration and more information.

Use the promo code VCDIANE30 at checkout to receive $30 off of your registration. The code expires March 3.