Family Reunion Planning – Part 3

family reunion planning

This is it! The final installment of our Family Reunion Planning blog series. This blog will wrap up details to planning the perfect family reunion.  You have the who, when and how…. but where is the where?

The “where” is right here to provide the details to think about when trying to determine the best location and place to hold your family reunion.

Where to Organize a Family Reunion? location

Many families live far apart from each other. Whether they are just on the other side of the state, or maybe a few states away and even in a different country, you can help plan their trip by selecting a venue that can accommodate their travel needs.

The most important factor in determining the location of the family reunion is that it should be a convenient location that is easily accessible to the majority of the family, but it is also financially accessible for the greatest number.

If you’re planning a family reunion with more than 50 members, consider hotels, resorts, state parks, banquet halls, etc., Smaller groups may be more comfortable in a family home, camping facility or smaller family-oriented resort.

The venue you choose should be able to satisfy these requests.

  1. Accommodates guests of ALL ages.
  2. Has reasonable prices within the budget of your guests
  3. Has plenty of recreational activity options relative to the group
  4. Understands and can accommodate specific dietary restrictions

Unfortunately, even with the best planning, the one thing we can’t control for any event is the weather so always have a plan B for any outdoor activities.

Taking a vote within the group with a list of three or four venue options may be a good idea for what would be the most ideal location to get the most people to attend. This should be done well in advance to allow for proper planning.

One thing you may overlook in planning is medical and other emergency facilities. Do any of your guests have special risks that may require immediate emergency action? Is the venue capable of handling issues or are they close enough to a facility that can?

Now that we’ve talked about who to invite, selecting the perfect time to hold a family reunion and where the event should be held, you are now prepared to get your family reunion planning kicked into high gear!

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