Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day

The United States has a lot of holidays. We have holidays to remember and holidays to celebrate. Some of the things we celebrate are pretty common….some aren’t. Today (November 5) happens to be one of those uncommon celebrations…. red hair!

Let’s learn more about red hair to properly celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day.

Red hair is pretty. It shines and comes in a wide variety of tones and shades all in itself. Being a rare hair color trait also comes with its own set of true and false facts to where a person with red hair can be quite the conversation piece.

Here are some red hair facts and myths. Did you know some of these facts and myths about having red hair existed?

Red Hair Facts

  1. Only 1-2% of the Earth’s total population has red hair.
  2. The Scottish and Irish heritages can claim the highest amount of red hair population. Scotland with 13% (Remember the Disney movie “Brave“?). Ireland with 10%.
  3. People with red hair typically don’t go grey as quickly as others. Their red hair pigment will simply fade with age and eventually be grey/white.
  4. Red hair is a genetic mutation. Both parents must be carriers of the mutated MC1R gene to be able to produce a child with red hair.
  5. People with red hair may have a higher pain tolerance, bruise more easily and have sensitive teeth.

Red Hair Myths red witch

  1. People with red hair do not have souls…..this is a terrible myth populated by pop culture.
  2. People with red hair have superpowers.
  3. Because of the rarity of the hair color, redheads were thought to be witches.
  4. Poland tradition says that if you pass three redheads in a row, you will win the state lottery.
  5. Redheads are going extinct.

Do you, yourself or someone you know have red hair? Does this trait run in the family?  Tell us about them and how having red hair is “celebrated” in the comments!