Cause and Effect in Genealogy

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. ~ Sir Isaac Newton

Cause and effect can be described as a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

We plant a seed, give it water, it grows into a beautiful flower. We stub our toe, it hurts. We go outside when it’s hot, we’re going to sweat.

Basically, one thing happens because of an action…. good and bad. So how can we see cause and effects in genealogy?

Because grandma met grandpa

So what’s their story? Did they meet at school, church, or one in a million chance occurrence such as fate? Whatever the way they met, and because they met, the effect was the family that they created. They can’t get married and have a family of their own if they never met. Right?

Because people love history

There are people who love history and felt the need to record important details. The effect? GENEALOGY! Wooo! Ok, so this may sound cheesy but seriously, as we learn about our genealogy and family history, we are also absorbing other aspects of history that help us understand their lives.

Because they took the risk 

Whoever “they” is to you, they took the risk of doing something with their lives that took them out of a comfort zone. Was it leaving everything they knew behind to immigrate to the United States? Did the join the war efforts for causes they believe in? Did they change jobs to provide a better life for their family? Whatever the risk was, the effects were felt and possibly had a trickle effect for the generations that followed.

Because it’s a holiday, we celebrate with our family 

Pick a major holiday on the calendar; religious, cultural or government and there’s a good chance that there is a family get together for a celebration. The effect? Celebrating special events in history and culture that also create family memories, bonding, learning and fun.

Because everyone has major life events 

Birthdays, weddings, graduations and other major life events, everyone has them and they are always a good reason to get together with the family and celebrate. The effect? Family memories, bonding, learning and fun.

Because people pursued the sciences

Humans have always been curious creatures for life and sciences. As humans evolved over time, so has the technology and understanding of science. Technology and discoveries of science don’t just happen, it’s hours, months, years, decades and centuries event of studying, trials, failures, etc. that have brought us to where we are today.

The effects of humans and all their work over time has had many effects on today’s life.

  • Science
    • We know how to cure and prevent diseases and plagues that once doomed society
    •  DNA – we can learn so much about who we are from our DNA
      • Heritage
      • Medical and genetic traits
      • Find family and relatives
      • Solve crimes
  • Technology
    • Photographs – we have proof of what our ancestors looked like and methods to digitize and safely store old records
    • Internet – we can connect with family all over the world in real time
    • Planes, trains and automobiles – we can travel all over the world efficiently

What are some causes and effects of genealogy that you can relate to? What’s your story? What happened in the past that’s had an effect on life today? Tell us about it in the comments!