Another Tale of Two Cousins

A while back, I wrote a blog that outlined how I determined that my brother is related to my best friend. It wasn’t obvious at first and was quite the surprise.

Now, her family tree has provided another surprise. I’m related to her as well!

We’re Related

One night I was playing around with’s ‘We’re Related” app (no longer available). This is an app that compares your family tree to those of famous people.

Along with providing the name of your famous ancestor, it also gives the trail leading back to the shared ancestor.

Since I had access to her family tree, I had applied the filter that allowed me to see who her famous ancestors were.

One of her famous relatives happens to be Chris Evans (Captain America). Looking at the trail to see how distant he was, I recognized a few names that I had seen in my own tree and became seriously confused and slightly concerned.

The Research

To figure out what was going on, I created a spreadsheet that follows the trail back to our common ancestor.

Preliminary research told me that the common relation comes from her mother’s paternal side and my mother’s maternal side.

The genealogy research is done on my mother’s maternal side through her aunts and cousins who’ve spent decades compiling information. I have access to the basics and ask questions when I need more information.

So here’s what I was able to compile. It’s a little messy but every line was confirmed multiple ways.

James Caudill – Mary Adams  Original Grandparents James Caudill – Mary Adams
William C Caudill – Mary Nancy Ann Craft 1st Abigail Caudill – William Pennington
Henry Caudill – Margaret Patsy Campbell 2nd Frances Pennington – Jordan Waddell
Rhoda Caudill – Joshua Caudill 3rd Frances Wadell – John Adams
Florence Caudill – Walker Roberts 4th Mary Ellen Adam – Henry DeHart
Charle Gibbs – Carrie Amanda Roberts 5th Robert – Nancy Collier
Jeffry  – Sandra 6th Joseph – Cathy
Amber 7th Erin

**Last names of the living removed to protect privacy.

If you read the blog about the relationship between Amber and my brother, their common relation is through my brother’s maternal father’s side and through her paternal mother’s side.

We’re working on two separate lines on this so there is no cross-linking between our families available.


With two family connections on two separate sides, I provided Amber with an Ancestry DNA test.

Amber’s DNA Test Results

77% Great British
15% Irish
8% Misc.

My DNA Test Results

37% Great Britain
32% Europe West
15% Ireland
12% Scandinavia
3% Europe East
<1% Iberian Peninsula

Unfortunately, Amber does not come back with measurable results to me, my brother or to either of our mothers.

None of us share any physical characteristics with Amber. DNA doesn’t lie but sometimes when the connection is that distant, the numbers could be so low, no match can be confirmed. However, research and records proved otherwise.

Fun Fact: Chris Evans does not come up as a match to me on ‘We’re Related’. However, I am cousins to Johnny Depp. I also confirmed that with research.

In the end, the only person in my immediate family who is not related to Amber is my father and anyone in his ancestral lines.