8 Old Phrases You Don’t Often Hear

In July 2017, I published the blog “23 Skidoo!” Wait. What? What Did They Say?” as an introduction to some old-timey phrases we don’t hear that often.

Here’s another fun blog that visits some more old-timey words and phrases that you might be heard in older movies or your grandparents might have said at some point.

1. Peachy Keen 

This is a cute and creative way to say something is good, great, and just fine.

2. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Sliced bread was a great way to make a quick sandwich or meal and was the product of someone with an idea. To say this is to compare something that is a great idea, new invention or innovation.

3. Elvis has Left the Building

Elvis was a popular entertainer in the 1960s and 1970s with sold-out shows all over the world. After a show, people stuck around for an encore or to catch a glimpse of him.

Announcements were made that “Elvis had left the building” to get people to leave and go home. We say this now as a way to say something is over there is nothing else to do or see.

4. The Whole 9 yards measure

Go all the way. So what are the 9 yards? No one really knows. It’s a mystery lost in history where people originate it back to a wide variety of things that could be measured as a yard.

5. The Whole Shebang

Just like the “Whole 9 yards”, the whole shebang is a way of saying everything’s included. But what is a shebang? It’s an old (archaic) word for a crude hut or shelter.

6. Once in a Blue Moon 

How often do blue moons occur? Not often, maybe every two or three years. This phrase basically says, don’t expect something too often.

7. Southpaw

A nickname for someone who is left-handed. It could be more known for boxers and pitchers.

8. Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

You may have a dozen chicken eggs but that doesn’t mean they will all hatch into baby chicks. This is a saying to remember that not everything guaranteed until it actually happens.

Did we miss any old-timey phrases or words? What would you add to the list (keep it clean)? What does it mean? Add it in the comments!