What is the Mayflower Society?

There are all kinds of heritage and genealogy societies. In 2016, we learned about the DAR, better known as the Daughters of the American Revolution. Today, we’ll learn about the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. A society of members who are confirmed descendants of those who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.

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Finding Humor in Genealogy Comics

genealogy comedy

Comic strips are a quick comedy relief found in the newspapers, online and other media sources. The Sunday paper was known to have a special expanded section for “The Funnies”. Often they’re just made up, just for fun snippets of the author’s imagination. Sometimes they are humorous reflections of a real-life situation. We all need comedy in our lives…

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Never Have My Ancestors Ever….. Part 2

Earlier, we posted a blog about a twist to the party game “Never Have I ever“. In this blog, we listed some things that our ancestors never experienced in their lifetime either due to lack of technology or other circumstances. Let’s put another twist on this game and list some things that “Never Have We Ever” experienced things that…

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