2017 – A Year In Review

2017 Was a Busy but Productive Year!

I don’t post much on this blog but that doesn’t mean I’m not around doing something.

I did a lot professionally in the marketing and genealogy world to the benefit of many.

For the marketing aspect, I’ve picked up a variety of contract projects.

Most of these contracts included website maintenance, website redesign, SEO, navigating all the things Google, graphic design, and video editing. Basically, all the fun stuff I actually enjoy doing!

For genealogy, I’m not exactly doing the family history and genealogy research that I set out to do but I’ve been picked up by two soon-to-be popular genealogy companies for marketing purposes that also let me play with genealogy resources.

See guys! Marketing and genealogy can be related!

I encourage everyone to check out these websites to see what they have to offer!

Personal Genealogy Discoveries

I can’t leave without sharing some of my 2017 family research highlights.

  1. A distant cousin pointed out a potential 5th Joseph Klump that would make him my 4th great grandfather. The only concrete evidence of him appears in the 1860 census at age 60.
  2. The Dayton Metro Library released the Dayton Daily News, fully indexed, from 1898-1922 online. Searchable by any keyword. Christmas in August!
    1. My 2nd Great Aunt Viola (owner of the sewing machine) jumped out the window at age 14 to escape a burning building. She jumped from the 4th or 5th story of one building, onto the 3rd story roof of the neighboring building.
    2. I found a sketch of my 4th great grandfather, Joseph Klump.
    3. Found an article on my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Klump, that hinted that his last will and testament could be located at archives. It was and I got those files. He also died from an illness he contracted a month after the 1913 Dayton flood.
    4. I was accepted as a member of the Montgomery County Ohio Chapter of the Settlers & Builders. This means I have confirmed that I had relatives living in Dayton before 1860.